IVF for Fat Folks

You deserve to access fertility treatment

I know what you've been told in the past. You've likely heard all these excuses a thousand times before:

  • IVF isn't safe at your BMI
  • Fertility treatments don't work for folks with your body type
  • It's unsafe for you to get pregnant until you've lost weight

I'm calling bullshit!

Not only is fertility treatment an extremely supportive option for fat folks, I believe it's entirely unethical (and bordering on a violation of our human rights) for clinics to deny care based on BMI.

Come and join me for IVF for Fat Folks

In this course, we're going to:

  • dive into what the research is actually telling us about how effective fertility treatments for fat folks so that you can make a fully informed decision about if you want to pursue treatment.
  • explore what the risks are in real terms so that you can decide if the potential benefits of the treatment outweigh the risks
  • create a practical plan for you to find a clinic that will support you
  • learn how to advocate for the care you need

PLUS discover all the tips and tricks of how to navigate fertility treatment as a fat person that no-one tells you!

AND join a community of other folks navigating this with you.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • you're trying to decide if fertility treatment is the right option for you
  • you've been told IVF won't work or isn't a safe option for you
  • you're struggling to find a fertility clinic that will support you
  • you're ready to have treatment but aren't sure what to expect in a bigger body

Once you've completed this course, you'll:

  • have all the information you need to decide if fertility treatment is right for you
  • understand all the potential risks of fertility treatment and how they impact you as a fat person
  • have a plan in place to find a clinic that will support you
  • be able to advocate for your care with the resources to back you up
  • feel confident in your body's ability to navigate fertility treatment
  • have a community around you to support you through treatment

Included in the course:

The exact info you need to make a fully-informed decision about fertility treatment and advocate to access it, based by science backed studies. You can watch the videos (with captions available), read the transcripts, or listen on-the-go with the private podcast feed.

A complete referenced research summary that you can print off and take with you to your next healthcare appointment to support you in advocating for care you deserve.

Membership to my private community space "The Fat and Fertile Alliance" so that you can ask me and others who are also going through this all the questions you have, both before and during your treatment.


About Nicola

If we've not met before, Hi! I'm Nicola Salmon. I'm the fat-positive fertility coach and author of the book Fat and Fertile.

I'm a prominent figure in the world of fat activism, using my platform and expertise to challenge the weight bias that exists within the fertility industry and support fat folks to take control of their reproductive health with confidence and self-assurance.

Through my innovative and evidence-based approach, I helps clients find their own path to wellness, free from diets and body shaming, and encourage them to trust and believe in their ability to conceive.

Recent Testimonial

"I loved everything about this course. It armed me with published, peer-reviwed medical research I can take to my doctor to advocate for myself. I feel more empowered to take an active role in my care and I feel able to get the help I need sooner.

I came feeling isolated and left feeling like I'm part of a movement of fat people fighting for the right to evidence-based fertility treatment."

NOTE: This workshop is for fat folks who want to get pregnant only. If you are a helping professional who would like further training in this area, please visit http://nicolasalmon.co.uk/healthcare-professionals

11 Modules


  • Welcome
  • Meet Nicola
  • What we'll cover
  • Invitation to join The Fat and Fertile Alliance
  • Listen to the course on your podcast app

What is IUI and IVF?

  • How IUI works
  • How IVF works
  • Live birth rates for treatment

Why are we denied fertility care?

  • 4 main reasons that fertility care is denied to fat folks
  • Research around why these are not evidence-based

The efficacy of IVF for fat folks

  • The efficacy of IUI based on BMI
  • The efficacy of IVF based on BMI

The safety of IVF for fat folks

  • The impact of BMI on anaesthetic complications in IVF
  • The impact of BMI on OHSS
  • The risk of blood clots during IVF
  • The impact of blood pressure and blood sugar levels on accessing IVF
  • Risks during pregnancy in a bigger body

Advocating for fertility care

  • Finding an IVF clinic that will support you
  • Choosing the right clinic for you
  • Building a good relationship with your clinic


  • Egg donation in a bigger body
  • Impact of BMI on implantation
  • Importance of IVF success rates
  • IVF for BMI 50+

Step by step guide to navigating fertility treatment

  • Getting started
  • Finding a clinic
  • Your first consultation
  • Preparing for your cycle
  • The first phase of treatment
  • Injections
  • Egg collection
  • Embryo transfer
  • The two week wait
  • Testing
  • Next steps

DOWNLOADS: Resources and Slides

  • Fully referenced research summary
  • Slides
  • Full transcript
Modules for this course 11

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