[WORKSHOP] Fat Fertility 101

Join Nicola Salmon, Fat Positive Fertility Coach and Author of "Fat and Fertile" for an information and evidence-based workshop about Fat Fertility 101.

During the pre-recorded 90 minute workshop we explore:

  • Biology Basics - Together we'll look at how to track your menstrual cycle, figure out your fertile window (even if you have PCOS) and how it might be different as a fat person

  • Navigating the TTC (trying to conceive) World - We will debunk all the myths around getting pregnant in a bigger body, decipher all the jargon and explore how to get support from our friends and family.

  • Weight Neutral Approach - We'll look at what the research says about weight loss and fertility and at which evidence based approaches have been shown to be supportive of fertility.

  • Accessing Care - We'll explore when to contact your doctor, what tests you might want to ask for, how to find a weight inclusive team and what to do if the dr turns you away.

There is a 30 minute Q&A at the end of the workshop, plus you also receive a collection of useful resources and tools to support you navigating fertility in a bigger body.

NOTE: This workshop is for fat folks who want to get pregnant only. If you are a helping professional who would like further training in this area, please visit http://nicolasalmon.co.uk/healthcare-professionals

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