[SHORT COURSE] How to navigate the weight obsessed fertility system

We are going to be:

  • exploring what thoughts we have about our bodies everyday so that we can begin to recognise that we absolutely bloody do deserve support to grow our families without having to jump through hoops to get it.
  • creating a plan around how to surround ourselves with healthcare professionals who will not only provide the healthcare that we need but will treat us like human being whilst they do it.
  • building up a set of tools so that when we are navigating the challenges set up by the fertility system, we can manage them without sacrificing our mental health.


6 Modules

You deserve support

You are worthy of the care and support you need

Your very next step

Picking that one tiny next step

Finding a doctor who cares

Let's build a better healthcare team

Setting boundaries

Yes you can set boundaries with healthcare pros and here's how!

Prepare and care

A strategy to manage the highs and the lows

Modules for this course 6
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